Saving object mode animation?

I was reading a tutorial by Cog on surface tension, something I am
needing for my ocean project. Anyway, I was in object mode and holding
CTRL while playing the animation in object mode. But how do I save
that animation? Do I have to record the playback with CamStudio or something?
And just so you know, I did search a lot before I posted this. :wink:

I’m going to guess that you want the OpenGL render of the 3D view of your animation … If that is the case all you need to do is hold down the Ctrl key and also hit the little “landscape” icon at the far right of the 3D header to render out the animation … If you just hit it without holding down control you will just get a still …

Yes, that was what I was talking about, though my real question is: Can I save that little animation I just did?

Yes . It will render out to the output directory just like any animation render (this the temp\ directory if you haven’t changed it) . Just name it to something you will remember in the Output Panel or change the output directory to your desktop so you can find it . You can even compress it etc. in the Format Panel . The number of frames that will render out is also determined in the Anim Panel also .