Saving & Opening dual monitor files?

Someone said, “for dual monitors you can start blender on a negative starting size too, like blender -p -1280 0 1920 1280.”

It seems this is a way to make blender open automatically sized filling dual monitors so you don’t have to drag the window from the first monitor to the 2nd then readjust everything each time you open a file. I use Blender 2.49 and it doesn’t save a dual monitor setup and neither does Ctrl-U.

“-p -1280 0 1920 1280” sounds like a way to work with dual monitors without having to drag and fiddle every time you open a file. I don’t have a clue about how to use “-p -1280 0 1920 1280” and would really, really like to know how to perform this trick.

Don’t the starting size numbers depend whether your secondary monitor is on the left of the right of your primary monitor.


I just connected a 2nd monitor today for the very first time. After taking another look at it now, I see it is very easy to avoid all the fiddling which I thought was necessary. First, stretch the window over to the 2nd monitor then fiddle to your hearts content and Save. The next time you open the file, it will be squeezed together horizontally. Hit the Maximize button and the file will fill both monitors perfectly without any fiddling.

Now I need to create a template then never have to fiddle again after that, unless I want to create a different template.