Saving PBR Materials to Material Library VX


In Blender 2.79 on Ununtu I set up a new PBR material as shown in picture 1. I wanted to save it to my material library VX by pressing the plus sign as shown in picture 2. I get an error as shown in picture 3. Is there a way to change the path for materials I want to save (it says I had no permission for the usr path) or what am I doing wrong or should do different?



Ive run into the same problem…
This helped me out

good luck!

/usr/share/* is not owned by your user, it’s owned by root and the addon is trying to write to it. It can’t. I fixed this sort of thing for myself by just putting the whole addon in /home/username/.config/blender/2.79/scripts/addons with the other custom addons. Frankly, it needs a setting to select a place for the library if it’s to be included as a default. Maybe it does and I just didn’t notice? Whatever.