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hello all, i just solved a problem i’ve been having with blender for the last 2 month’s. wat is that problem you say? well the problem is i can’t save. but dont worry, i finaly solved it
so im writing today to help ppl who have been qetting the same problem as i have, when trying to save.(example. “Windows has performed an illegle operation and this program will be shut down”)
so let me get to the intruction’s,

  1. first start up blender and do the texturing tecnique (the one with the picture texture) on any project :note you have to import picture’s to make this work.example: the texturing castle tutorail from for some of you it shut down :confused: )

  2. then go to the folder that has the picture’s that u just imported to blender to be used in that project. now you well see that there is a new file there called “.Bpib”. move the file to where blender.exe is (the folder that hold’s the file’s"Zlib" , “mex text tools” and “blender.exe”. in sorter word’s ,the blender folder that was created after extracting or self extrating)

  3. if blender is still running then exit and start it back up again and try saving as…and walla, the problem is solved.

now most of you are asking your shelve’s “who is this master of blender” (jk). well anyway’s i hoped this information helped some of you out.
PEACE OUT.damanman

i was running window’s 98 second edition on a network, and i think this is wat was causing my problem
:smiley: how did i find out the problem… that’s my secret :wink:

p.s #2
oh yeah im never coming back on here (forum) again…muhahaha…but i will keep reading those tutorail’s on blender. keep up the good work to all that get there info posted on the main page’s of webpage’s

sorry for making it so long and making all the p.s’s

oh yeah, i just wrote this one to piss off some of you… muhahaha.

we got incoming sir, and i’ll be damned if i can identify them

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