Saving Problem

is there anyway I could export the blender game so I can run it inside a website…maybe through shockwave or directx…idk

because not everyone has blender and I can’t export it as an exe. It just doesn’t work

To make it an .exe just click File > Save Runtime then make sure it’s in the folder that blender is in (Blender/blender i think) or is in a folder with the same DLL’s and there you go! You have an exe! I’m not sure about embeding a game into a web site. Blendenzo did that one his web page ( maybe ask him about it.

can’t save runtime b/c of a python error

… which is _________ ? (<-- insert error here for help!)

Do you have the most resent python version?

yes I do

and idk because I can’t open teh python error log…I don’t know how