Saving Properties - The Simple Way

Hey Peoples :cool:
Ive seen alot of ways to save properties, most of them all fancy and confuzing (Yes, confuzing) But i have invented a simple and easy way of doing it. How? you ask.
Overlaying Scenes. I will give you a simple example.
There are 2 scenes in your game, one is called Scene 1, and the other is Scene 2. you have somthing like a health bar, or somthing that involves a property and you want to be able to have the same property value in scene 2 as in scene 1. All you need to do is add a simple overlay scene. Add another scene called “Property”, then put your health bar or property in there. then go to scene 1 and scene 2 and give them a logic set out like this:
always > and > scene > add overlay scene: Property
And there you have it.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this.
McBain :cool:

pickle in python, if that helps.

Wha? :confused:

but as I stated in my thread. I am pretty sure its a little complicated to change an element from an alien scene while you are in a current scene. Correct me if I’m wrong

Not totally,
you just need to send a message to the object, and then set a message sensor for the property object. Shouldn’t be hard at all really. :no: