Saving python edits

(DAK) #1

I have been using the python editor, but how do I save my code to a seperate text file when im done? Also I think there is a way to cut & paste but can’t figure it out.
Are there also some other cool commands in the editor that are hidden?

(acasto) #2

To save, change the name of the file in the little box in the header, then press alt-s

Here is a list of text window key combos :

alt-c - copy
alt-x - cut
alt-v - paste
alt-s - save
alt-o - load (open)
shift-alt-f - brings up file menu for text window
alt-j - pops up a numbutton where you can specify a line # to go to
alt-p - execute sript
alt-u - unlimited undo for text window
alt-r - redo
alt-a -mark all (select all)

Hope this helps.

(info from the Official Blender 2.0 guide)

(DAK) #3

Yes, you are a genius! Thankyou.

(theeth) #4

you forgot these:

  • Ctrl-Alt-F: pop up the Find dialog
  • Alt-F: Find next