Saving Questions For Multi Blends

Hello everyone, I’m trying to figure out saving for my video game, its something that I have avoided for a little while, now I need to tackle it, I was wondering how I could save propertys and such, like I don’t want it to save location or anything, like it will save so much health, or arrows, I’ve been trying to use gamelogic global dict, but I can’t get it to work, besides, the way this game is going to work you will be able to travel between several blend files, and I would like to be able to have each blend file saved separate, like if you did something in this blend, then went to another one, I want it to save propertys of character, but save a property of what you did in another blend, so you could be traveling between a bunch of blend files and when you came back to your first one you wouldn’t have to do what you did before.

Like this: Blend One, killed bad guy, bad guy prop moved from 0 to 1: Blend Two, beat this blend: Blend Three: Went back to Blend Two: Blend Two, Went back to Blend One: Blend One, Bad Guy Prop still at one, no enemy added.

Would I need a special script to achieve this? I don’t think Game Logic Global Dick can do this.

globalDict is just a container.
You shouldn’t talk about multiple blends as the BGE does not change blend files.
What you need is to store scene state data (in you case property data). Look for SaveLoader in my signature. This might help you.

Beside that what you can do is to write the properties you want to store into globalDict. When you are switching to another scene you can restore the content of the globalDict into the loaded scene.

Another method especially for health, points etc. is to keep it an overlay scene. When you switch the backbround scene, the overlay scene is still present. (This does not work when switching to another blend.)

Well actually I will be switching blends, I’m using linked characters that will be playable through levels, like Yo Frankie. Level one.blend will be moved to level two.blend. Two differant Blends, but I think I may understand globaldict a little better.

Thanks for the help Monster.

In that situation globalDict is the best way. It remains as it is when switching from one .blend to the other.

Ok, but one question about it, does it save a GlobalDict for each blendfile you save in, or will it overwrite the same one each time?

Plus, after doing some research I found out I don’t know how to use GlobalDict, I’ve done the logic setup for saving and loading, but I don’t know how to tell it which propertys to save, with the text editor?

There is no need to save it to disc. It remains in memory even when you load another blend.
You can save it to file if you want to reload after stopping/starting the BGE.

You have to fill it with Python. There is no way to do it with logic bricks only.