Saving Rendered Images

ok so I made this cool picture of a guy called a “Space Marine” (anyone who recognises this from Warhammer is correct) and he looks really cool.
I was pressed for time cause’ I was making it for a friends Birthday Card.
I got everything done with about 30mins left to render it and print it onto paper.
But thats just it! I went to the render buttons and selected the output source to save it to as My Picures and waited for it to render. As soon as it was done I went to My Picures and nothing was there!!! I ended up making a crapy card and I plan on giving the good one to them soon as I can figure this out.

That is my problem.
How do i fix it? How do You save images properly!?

when u choose the folder on the left, it saves animations to that folder (if u press the ‘anim’ button). to save a rendered image (after pressing ‘render’ button) select the render window and press F3.

or, you can use the anim button, rendering a 1 frame jpg animation

So can we see your space marine? :slight_smile:

My method seems a bit off, but I usually select the format in the render buttons (JPEG for example) and then I go to File -> Save Image.
Then I browse my hard disk and select the folder, enter a name for the image (don’t forget the proper file extension) and press the save button.

Thank you guys, I did it by saving it as a 1 frame animation! so now its on my computer and I might post the image if a can get a site to host it (its not that great you know, I just a noob).

If you dont know one take this one!
it is great :stuck_out_tongue: