Saving Script

(Pooba) #1

I’ve heard some people wanting a saving script (gargola) and i have one at my site The only problem is that it requires python to be installed, which you can download @ Install it to c:\python20 or change the property “path” on the little ball you can control on the save script.

(gargola) #2

i got python installed,but the path is not c:\python… what should i do? what little ball is that you are talking about? thanx. :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #3

The “ball” is just the object you control, so select it and change the property “path” (it’s without quotes) and type in your python lib directory (for example, mine is c:\python20. So in the property “path” i type in c:\python20\lib\ (not sure if you need the end slash, try it with and if it doesn’t work try it without.) if yours in program files then you’d type in c:\program files\python20\lib. Any questions?

(saluk) #4

Just wait about an hour, I’m busy fixing my scripts up to send you along with a tutorial on how to use them. Also, I will gladly customize them more for your projects. My release will be in a new thread.

(gargola) #5

a question about the path, c:\program files\python20\lib is about that lib,i don’t have any folder named lib inside my python folder,is that lib necesary?or do i have to create a folder named lib and place all the scripts inside?

(gargola) #6

my mistake,there is a folder named lib.sorry! :slight_smile: