Saving state bothers me

Let me give you an example. You are working on a scene with a lot of assets, and to work on one of those assets, you hit the “/” on the numpad to isolate it. having made sufficient progress, you save (as anyone would).

After two or three days (because many of us hobbyists have full time jobs) we come back, and bam, the only thing we have to work on is that single asset. I know the rest are there, but shouldn’t we be given an option to simply restore visibility (and editing) of everything else. Took me an age to get the rest back, and no amount of keyboard shortcuts got me there. Not even sure how I got the rest back.

For info, render would render everytiing. I eventually figured out toggl;ing “/” on the numpad got me back, but should this really be saved?

look on your viewport at top left
it is shown as local

that should show you this mode !

happy bl

“Show of hands, please, for how many of us have done exactly this?”

See? You’re not alone. :smiley:

But seriously, Blender is a complex product and it has a very complex user interface that takes some getting used to. (But, that’s what makes it so powerful.) You are going to :man_facepalming: sometimes.

This is already supported. Blender 2.8 added an option recently called “Load UI”. Uncheck that in User Preferences, save and now you’ll be greeted with the default layout when you open blend files. (You could do this before by unchecking the option when loading the file in Blender but this is global now)

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Thank you. I hadn’t even seen that, and will save me a bucket load of headaches.

That option has been there since well before 2.80. I suggested in the UI design thread that when 2.80 opens a 2.79 or earlier file with thaat option checked, it really should warn the user and give them the option to skip loading the UI, since many older files leave you with a very un-2.80ish mess and I’m not convinced there aren’t issues where things get functionally messed up when you do that.

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I much prefer my own layout to take precedence. It can be a PITA if someone posts a scene to debug a problem, and you get an alien layout.

Oh wow, it was. I knew about the option on load but I missed the user pref and thought that was new with 2.8. I guess the prefs re-arrange in 2.8 helped me notice it.

Not always, some scenes might need to have specific layout configuration to be in context. However this can be resolved by asking the user while opening probably, though might get annoying.