Saving texture maps internally

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’ve embarked on a pretty big project - converting dozens of XFrog plants to .blend files. Each XFrog folder has either three or nine variants of the same plant, so what I have been doing is to load the textures from the first in each series, then append the materials to the rest of the plants in the series.

I want to be sure that materials are saved internally, so that if the links are broken in future, I won’t have to go searching for materials.

My question is which save option do I use for this? As far as I can make out, there are two options under external data - "automatically pack into .blend, and “pack all into .blend” using the first gives me error messages - a reference to where the .blend file is saved, not the original location, and “not found”.

The second seems to work, but I’d appreciate expert confirmation of this before wasting a lot of time doing it wrong.

Secondly - the F in the image texture - do i need to use this at all.

Last question - if anyone here uses XFrog - many of the textures come with a bump map, designated with a .b - there are some that have the designation .r - they look like bump maps, but aren’t - can anyone tell me what they are used for?

You need to save the .blend before you can pack any images in it, as for the .r file it’s probably a reflection map but without actually seeing what it looks like I can’t know for sure.

I guess the maps are reflection maps - see attached - in which case, do they go in the glossy channels?

Yes, I did first save the files before attempting to pack them - where I have uncertainty is which option to use - “Automatically pack” or “Pack all”.