saving textures from blender

hey everybody
Is it possible to save textures, which are made in blender cycles to the harddrive? For example: i’m creating a noise texture for a displacement effect with the node editor. Can I save this created texture to the harddrive to use it in another program? If yes, how?

have a nice sunday

You can bake Textures in the render panel in Blender Internal - Im not sure aboout Cycles though

Not directly, that would go against the idea of procedural materials… But take a plane, use your texture as color of an emission shader, put a camera in orthographic mode looking straight a the middle of your plane using this material.

Render. Save.

That should bring you close from what you want. :smiley:

And if you need some transparency, set the world background to Holdout, activate the “Transparent” option for the Film in the Render panel, as well as RGBA as output.

I really like that idea, thanks alot for helping !!!

I actually like the idea of being able to save the texture data in a designated file/cache for quick view/browsing and retrieval. It seems tedious to continually have to define otherwise quickly recalled textures. Am I completely off base?