Saving the Game Engine the only way we know how.

Well, It seems to me that there is only one way to prove to the Blender foundation that the blender Game Engine should not be removed; We, as a community must make some games that reaaly show off the quality the game engine can reach. I, in my time here have seen some fantastic examples of quality blender games.

Now, I do not wish to cause offence to any of you and am truly sorry if I do, but the majority of the games I see dont really cut it graphically. The reason Is always the same " I want the game to work on low end PCs". I understand what you are aiming for but in order to prove the worth of this engine we are going to have to create some games that are quite grapically intensive and designed to work on High end PCs.
In regards to some of the better content; I view these as the grapical quality we have to aim for.

The Stakegirl Demo on
DrDoom by Ineedanewbi
Victor’s arcitecture demo
The radiosity based Walkthtough Demo

I myself hope to create a passable FPS\RPG once Victor kindly explains how he achieved his fantastic lighting and Lemmy has produced a nice example file on how to do some nice additive lightshafts of similar style to lighting bloom.
So I ask anyone with a powerful PC to show the blender foundation what we can soo with the tools that we have been given. This will show them that they have a community of users who are really worth spending time and resources on!

Good Luck everyone and feel free to comment on anything I have said. Also feel free to post any screenshots or demos you have!

well, it’s news to me that they were thinking of removing it! Did you miss some facts anywhere? :wink:

either way i agree that we need to make some pretty amazing blender GE games if we plan on throwing Blender into more than the animation and modelling industry. That is one reason i have started a project that is trying to push the limits of graphical capabilities in Blender. It is called Project UnderWater and you’ve probably read about it in the News and Chat. We are still well in our infancy and still have probably a good two months before it is all completed but when finished it should play ok on 32-64MB GPU and perfect on higher so it is more in that inbetween computer power however if you take a look at these screens you might be suprised that after a mere few weeks of design we have some impressive graphics - and this is just a “proof-of-concept version” - sort of like rendering you images with no OSA, materials, or textures - just to see if you have the right look! (375KB)

please don’t download it unless you really have to - saves us bandwidth as flooding on such a file could exceed it (we’re hosted on RFXS which has a forum and uses up most of the bandwidth per month…)

love to see others! :wink:

This is something we were aiming for whilst developing Transcendent. A game to demonstrate that the engine can produce good quality games.

Even though I’m quite happy with how it looks. I know it could be even better (we kept polygon levels and texture sizes as low as we thought we could get away with). Unfortunately key members of the team have quit so I doubt it will be improved anymore now.

I’m currently finishing off all the programming so it’s a playable demo. You can see a couple of screens in this thread:

Ok. As some of you may know, i’m working on the full version of my adventure game called “L.O.S.T”.
I always want to release a full product not only a demo. But in this times of trouble for the game engine (as every year ?), I’m setting up a new web site where you’ll be able to follow the progress of the game.

The site will be up in 2 days at

I agree with you Farshee, it’s time to make games with real graphics !


As some of yopu probably know, I’m working on a blender RPG/Adventure called the Westerwind. Although progress is slow, i think it looks pretty good. (

Overall there are a bunch of great looking blender game projects in the works, the main problem is since everyone has lives, and doesn’t have a development team, progress is slow.

We need to create a larger interest in the game engine, not only to other blender users, but those you have no clue what blender is. The best way to do this is make great games, and in the tittle screen, credits, whatever, tell people it was made with blender, and that blender is free

sorry, but I can’t help with the actual graphical devel, as I have a slow pc, but I can do level design and story and such. I have an idea for a game, I’ll write up the story, and some dev sketches, and upload it for someone to work on if they want to.

Absolutely Fantastic everyone! I am very glad that so many people agree with me, and some of the games I am seeing now are certainly on the right track. I will be posting some screens of my project at the end of this week hopefully.

Good luck and good work everyone!

My games tend to be pretty boring and short on story, but I don’t think I’m being too vain when I say they have pretty great graphics.
Judge for yourself:

here is a game i have working on before i started working seriusly on multiplayer inside blender. It is much other ones i was working on to, but most of them got lost last time i formated my pc :frowning:

And here some info on my Brasilia 3D project. Done in Blender. :wink:

Hello Rangel

Your work is a good example of the power ( and limits ) of Blender.
Muito bom, muito bem! :slight_smile:

I’d like to look at your site but it needs a way to be turned to english :wink:

Legacy of Taro. :wink:

%| Well, hehe this brings another place for others to showcase their work. Blender shouldn’t be removed because there are many games currently in development on it.

Heh, here’s some things from the BCGP (Blender Community Game Project). Umm you can just check out the BCGP website for a lot more things (extra screens, some short clips of the effects, etc) or check out our post on elysiun

Our project is oddly familiar with Prince’s. Lol, the major coincidence. It’ll be a underwater racing game, pretty close to mario kart style where you get powerups, blast other racers out of the way with various weapons, and the track is made up of rings that you will have to pass through.

Shot of Mech Turtle with homing photon bomb powerup.

Just about to spin out of control cause he’s too close to the blast.

Jason Lin

Is there actually serious talk of taking the game engine out? I hope that doesn’t happen.

Here’s my game:

Yes, there are a lot of games in development :wink:

and that´s mine, zer0.Consequences , a lot of time in the development, but with a lot of features that I´ve made for the game, like the fake dynamics with option to self driver, helicopters etc… it only comes to my mind thanks to blender :wink:

:o that’s amazing - i see a lot of stuff from Half life and other sierra games - did you get the sources and import or actually model them from scratch? Very nice - can’t wait to play - how much of it has to be made for school - when can you have others start helping you with more levels - I started a game like this with BlendedMagic but it never got this far as key developers left (downfall of most blender games) - looking good! :wink:

Thanks for your comments :smiley: … amm… and not, I haven´t imported any model from any other game, I´ve modelled them. And abour getting help… I don´t know :expressionless: , maybe when finished… in the next game :wink:

Cya :smiley:

:wink: mataii is a one man blending machine. Hehe, any anticipated release date to your game?

Jason Lin

hehe thanks :D:-| and about the release date… humm… not yet because is not ready :-|…, but maybe it’s time to make a kind of trailer of the game :wink: it can be a good preview. 8)

Cya :smiley: !