Saving the scene preset

I’m looking for some way of saving a whole scenes info somehow. I’m doing some retail packing and products rendering - same objects in different positions and rotations, with different camera orientation. Is there any way just to save those information somehow in one project file and then just jump between them? I realy need something like that…
Thanks in advance! =]

If I’m understanding right, you want to use layers. Arrange your objects/lights/cameras on different layers (you have 20 layers available). Enable the layers you want for any given render. To render with a specific camera, select the camera and press alt+num0 to make it the active camera.

To put an object on a different layer, select it and press the ‘m’ key, then choose the layer you want to move it to. If you want the object to be visible in more than one layer, shift-select additional layers. You can enable and disable various layers at the bottom of the 3D-view window.

you can add as many scenes as you want to a blend, and link the data as you like. you can make a scene by copying another scene and making changes to it, or just starting with a blank scene. I think ctrl L is the hotkey for linking. you can also composite different scenes together in the vdeo sequence editor. you can have linked scenes, or unlinked scenes. and they can be completely unique down to the frame rate, world settings, camera settings, frame settings, etc. to add a new scene just go to the scene tab on the top of the interface, and it will give you some options.

What if you just set keyframes for positions you want? Up /down arrows jump between keyframes. Timeline Markers can be bind to cameras which allows to switch them fast.

Yesss… those are good ideas =] Linked duplicates moved to another scene is what I needed =]
Different poses on different keyframes is not a bad idea also - but doesn’t seem to be a proper solution… Maybe not some ‘clean’, but thank you any way =]

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