Saving UV Maps

Is there a way to save a UV map (that has had much editing done to it) and use it with a new image if the new image has slightly different dimensions without having to unwrap the UVs for the new image? Or do you have to unwrap (and edit the UVs all over again) for each new image? Michael :o

Are you putting all of your textures on one uv map or are you uv mapping for different textures on the same model? For example unwrapping part and applying a grass texture and unwrapping another section and applying a pebble texture? If you are unwrapping in sections, you can replace the image you originally used, like the grass for example with a different size and it should work fine depending on the scale of the image.

Let me know that is what you mean:)

Thanks for the info - I think I’ve done this before but its been some time ago - I’ll have to try some things when I get home tonight. Michael