I know how to save my video sequence, but it won’t let me?
You are suppose to set it to “Do Sequence” then render…
Well on render, nothing happens, it crashes.

p.s. most of the python stuff doesn’t work so that might have something to do with it. Please help:yes:

No, Python has nothing to do with it. Unless you actually added a Sequence Strip you should NOT press Do Sequence (that may be why it’s crashing?)

Animations are saved automatically to the folder set in the Output tab in F10 buttons. Just press “Anim” in F10 (or Ctrl-F12) and when it’d done rendering look in said folder. You can watch the progress in the console, and perhaps any error reports.


one more question…
How come when I add a texture to a obj, it doesn’t show?

It should in the render window. One way to test if there really is a texture is to turn the view from solid/wire to shaded.

thanks got it, how long does it take to render?

nevermind figured it out

is there a way to export into another format besides picture

Yes . You can export an animation if you have one by changing the format type in F10 (Scene) in the buttons window . Go to the Format panel and hit the up/down arrows in the drop down window and select a media format type (FFMpeg, the various AVI formats and Quicktime) and then hit the big “ANIM” button in the Anim panel . (Going back to your first post) if you turn on the “Do Sequence” button your animation will render out as a series of stills which you can later import into the Video Sequence Editor to convert into a movie . People use this option just in case something goes wrong during the rendering process - usually a corrupt AVI is totally useless .

Or if you are asking if you can export the 3D data into another format like .obj of .3ds, then also yes just use the export scripts available from File -> Export -> and pick the format you want to export to …

And about the textures showing up in the 3D view - you can change the view type from the 3d header in the drop down window right next to the drop down window for the various Modes in Object Mode . You want to select “Shaded” if you have the proper lights in the scene or “Textured”, though depending on the texture currently they don’t always show up looking very good realtime in this view mode . UV mapped meshes almost always look good … The hot key combos are Shift- Z for Shaded and Alt-Z for Textured … And (I just “discovered” this) if you use the combo Ctrl-Z you get the wire/solid combo view of your mesh .