Savoia S21, Porco rosso's Plane

Hello everybody!!

I’m new here and rookie with blender. Here is a model i’m working in. It sould be or look like the Savoia S21, Porco Rosso’s plane in Hayao miyazaki’s film. I’ve been always a Miyazaki’s films fan.

What do you think about the model? i’m starting yet, i’ll post more pictures and wires soon. Critiques are welcome. I know, the render is horrible, give me some time, please.

Thank you.

Some subsurfs.

How is the subsurf on in the front of the plane? It looks like you have triangles there, and in many cases triangles make the subsurf crazy.
[Your 3D cursor is right on top of it so I can’t see if there are triangles or not nor if the subsurf is acting well or not.]

what are your blueprints and references?

Probably the only ref is the anime :wink:


Ok, yes, there are some triangles on the fornt. I began the fuselage with a sphere so in the top of the sphere was a point and several demon triangles. They don’t give me many problems right now, perhaps mend it other day, and i will need your help.


I take the reference from the book “The art of porco rosso” i bought some time ago. I scaned the following page.

many aircraft modellers, when they don’t have enough info, get cross sections and wing profiles from similar aircrafts

There are many hidroplane blueprints in this page.


some other references:

“Savoia S.21. There is actually a real Italian made Savoia S.21, but it doesn’t look much like the one Porco flies. Miyazaki didn’t know much about the real S.21 when he designed Porco’s plane. His design came from a plane he saw when he was a boy. Porco’s S.21 looks somewhat like the Macchi M.33.”

Macchi M.33:

Other refs:


Ok, ok, i searched for that images too, and found pictures and texts, but i wanted to do a model of Porco Rosso, not a real plane. I know S21 never existed and miyazaki made it from Macci M33. Several planes in the film were inspirated on Schneider Cup’s planes.

Anyway, thanks for the links.

Ahora me he dado cuenta. Conozco tu policarpov I-15 “chato”, de hecho me lo bajé. Vi tu WIP en CGTALK, un trabajo muy impresionante. No pretendo llegar a tu nivel… aún, jeje. Solo realizar un modelo de dificultad intermedia para ir cogiendo soltura con el Blender. Un año ha, hice un Me109E inspirado en el de Walter Mölders en la guerra civil con rhinoceros y max. No es ninguna maravilla(sobre todo las texturas) pero ya te digo que no soy ningún pro. Para ese si me ajencié planos, secciones, fotos, esquemas de pintura, etc. Si buscas alguna vez sobre los Me109 de la guerra civil pídeme las imágenes.

Otra vez gracias, e impresionante modelo de Chato.

Hi MABB, I see.

Well, I always recomend using cross sections for aircraft and using tons of references for any work. Anyway, good luck with Blender.

Thanks for your kind comments.:slight_smile: