"saw" corners

why this happend? there is saw corner in every object and i have remove all doubles and try to flip normals but not help. i dont remember did this start afte bolean (ctrl +b) or after solidify modifier.

:eyebrowlift2: maybe it’s simply because you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t even know how to construct a question that could be answered effectively + you’re not providing a sample file + not explaining what your goal is

a tip
start again & try to be aware of your doings (carefully follow to remember or write for yourself down)

those blue lines seem to be edges…

thanks, problem solved

It looks like you have double faces. Remove all doubles is not always effective. Open up the faces option in the edit mesh mode and try seeing if you can grab them.

now i understand why it’s happend, after solidify modifier the fases have problem if u want edit object.