Saw this a while ago "insant retopology" how do we get it, or something like it?

This isn’t mine, does anyone know if this was ever released? If not, is their anything like it as a blender plug-in? I’m not interested in a separate application.


He’s working on it. Though do not expect the feature to be free. I can recommend many free separate softwares to do the same, most likely better :slight_smile:

EDIT: rbx775 linked a nice software below

Might I ask Why you are not interested in another separate application ?

I currently just use the Instant Mesher Addon which takes care of exchanging data between Blender and Instant Mesher:

Its just a small effort to set it up, works like a charm afterwards.
(not as good as ZRemesher, but close enough.)

Perfect, thanks for the link mStuff, good luck to you.