saw this on ebay

Pretty sure this is a breach of the license agreement. What do you think?

well some of the images he used might be but it is perfectly legal to distribute blender and make people pay for it

I’m sorry to say that I have seen such things like this before. And it’s really a shame to use 3d-artists work like they do.
I almost hope something bad happens the person that put this up… But what can we do more than tell that it is a free and open source application available to everyone?


This happens all the time with open source software. Gimp, Inkscape, undoubtedly Linux have all wound up on eBay. There’s not a whole lot that can be done (I still doubt he’s providing the necessary promise of source code with it, but…) since I think eBay removed the comments section (?). If not I’ve always wanted someone to get on and provide a link to download the software, but that may in some way get the commentor in trouble.

The artists can certainly demand their images not be used, since that is a violation of their copyright.

On a side note, it proves that whenever you purchase anything from eBay especially, you need to do your research. Average Joe user who comes across this may not realize that its open source (even though “Blender” and the Blender logo (also copyrighted) are all over the page) unless he googles it. There is an element of consumer responsibility here and the thing is that if people never bought these types of items, then these sellers would disappear (in theory, probably not entirely in practice). Unfortunately, people are suckered into buying these things, and to a large extent its caused by way too much trust in those we find on the internet, which is a growing problem. But I’ve gone off-topic now, so I’ll come back here now.

It sucks, but there isn’t a whole lot that can be done, since even if he gets in trouble he’ll probably pop-up with a different user name in a month or two. :frowning:

I guess I could come to terms with them selling blender, because it really would be the buyers fault for not doing their research, but they don’t even credit blender, they renamed it and suggest it is their own software.:mad: That is fraud. Even if the software is free I still think that is copyright infringement.

this is definitely the worst of them:

Digital delivery only: This is a digital item. Digital delivery information provided by the seller will be made available immediately upon payment.
File type and requirements: WinZip - Download : Adobe PDF Reader - Download :

would it atleast be that they deliver it in/on a cd(and preferably with the sources)… :frowning:

The page started talking to me so in about 3 seconds I had already left and determined that the creator needed to die in a fire.


Meh, could be worse. Although, that page is very elaborate, with the voice over and all.

But anyway, this happens quite a lot, and not just with Blender (Luxuriousity, anyone?).

AFAIK, If they aren’t providing the sources, it IS an infringement of the GPL.
Does anyone know if they are providing sources?
Also, if they’re using other people’s artwork, that’s an infringement of copyright.

I think GPL states that if the source isn’t packaged with the product it would be made available if requested. So odds are they have will give it to you if pressured.

I think they would be more venerable to using artwork they don’t have the right to - if that material isn’t GPL.


i think the flash video should be saved (captured) and then used here for ALL visitors to see how amazing blender really is.
As an added feature, no one can argue that the blender interface is hard to use because that video states that it only takes 5 minutes to get up and running!!!

I like it better than elephants dream!

Contest idea!!! (i only have one good idea per year) :wink:

Let’s do a scene that uses THAT voice-over in it???
Say for a example an intercom message in an airport/school/… you name it?

Will see what the weekend looks like … but let’s really get to work on this … it WILL be FUN!

Been discussed way too many times here and at as well.