Sawchain teeth and chain links along a curve

So, I have been looking on how to make a saw chain one of my projects, and to keep a long story short, I’ve basically been sitting with this one thing, fixating on it for hours… so I’ll let the image do the talking… the links just won’t line up properly at the moment, and I am using three different planes as instancing objects to keep the links and teeth from bending.

I sorta made it. Not an easy task, and I may animate the chain later, or blur it to simulate it moving.

So have you found why it didn’t work? Maybe share your file? For this kind of object, the solution given here by Batfinger could be the best

I basically used relative offset on the duplicated faces, making sure each tooth lines up enough to make it look good. If zoomed in closer, it’s still not perfect. But this is what it looks like now.

It is one of the house robots from Robot Wars, Matilda.