Sawfish 1st

Hello Everyone!
Time to settle for a WIP.

The goal is to add as much details as possible modeling wise on the great king Sawfish 1st, ruler of the aquatic realm of Floodia.
That’s it for now :wink:

What are you still doing here? Blend On!

Looks very good so far, what have you got planned for the body?
some of the wrinkles above the “nose” looks weird… maybe too sharp… hmmm… do you even see it? does it bother you? doubt it…

Hello Everyone!
Gr8RedShark: For the body I’ve tried to sketch something all day but I’m afraid this fellow will have to endure the good old bodyless stigma familiar to every head model :slight_smile:

I’ve corrected the spot above the double nostrils and replaced it with wrinkles.
I’ve also cleaned up the mesh of little more than 500 vertices resulting from an overtly enthusiastic use of the new blender editing tools notably the cut and edge loop cut.
Modified the face and mouth area to give a more plausible look.
Added ears without which little problems could be experienced in communication if you are not telepath.
I don’t know If i’m going straight to UV unwrapping or if I’m going to wait for the rest of the body.
That’s all for now. Hopefully with the holidays updates are going to arrive faster :wink:

What are you still doing here? Blend On!

i think the body should look like those really longnecked small headed aliens from star wars 2 clone wars (the aliens that made all the clones)

but make it have real long webbed fingers

i think the body should look like those really longnecked small headed aliens from star wars 2 clone wars (the aliens that made all the clones)

lol, thats what I thought it was when I first looked at it. :o
Very nice job. I dont see anything wrong with it.
Looks so good It dont need a body. :wink: Good job!

very similar…

Hello everyone!
blafenking: Since I’ve never seen Episode I and II can’t tell but I remember seeing the creature in GhengisKan’s picture in a thread on CGTalk and I must admit that there are similarities.
I think I’ve found the solution for the body and i’ll be working on it during the night while unwrapping the head.

What are you still doing here? Blend on!

Hello everyone!
picking up the pace since I’ve found the solution for the king’s body.
First of a new character is going to appear in the picture here is a quick rundown on how he was created:
I started with this

and after a few tweaks ended up with this
For a more complete history browse the galery.

Now I’ve modeled the hand of Sawfish that’s going to be duplicated and mirrored.

That brings us to my first composition attempt.: Sawfish 1st is sitting on his throne listening to a prisoner pleading for his mercy when out of boredom he orders his henchman to execute the poor prisoner.
This is the central part of the picture and is still lacking a lot of things: backdrop, clothes, proper dramatic lighting, armature poses, full body for some :wink:
Comments, critics, money, women and suggestions can be send to me. If you could just send money and women I’ll be happy but I can still settle for comments, critics and suggestions :smiley:

Hello everyone!
Time to see new things! :smiley:
The upper body is almost finished (lack the top of his armour)

I’ve also stitched the hands and prepared the arms for whatever that supposed to cover them.

So we have for now

Another attempt at finding the right composition. This time the action is more compact: Sawfish is listening to someone while a member of his personal guard is standing behind him.

Don’t forget that armatures are still not in action, poses are neutral and textures !
Ah, let’s keep on adding details until the CPU cries for mercy :smiley:

of course!
though it’s not gonna be long if you anim that you cpu will chook.
very good stuff here.
on the ref the neck is more long. I think i look cool. duno if you trying to do this though.

Gabio: Well I’m not trying to do the Star Wars’ dude posted by Ghengis Khan :slight_smile:
I would be forced to search for reference pictures and work more seriously and methodically than with my own design.
Right now there is not that much poly and I’m at subsurf level 1 for the dynamic duo.
The trick is to tweeak everything to make sure quads are as even as possible and that there are no big differences in spacing in transition areas. that way once you subsurf you can obtain a very clean mesh without overdoing things.
That of course leaves room either for more details if you want to or easy animation. It’s also very helpful once you try to do your UVs.

I was also thinking the same.

It does look similar but it has quite a few differences. Good job on the modeling and making it look organic.

Hello everyone!
Still at it as demonstrated below:

Ready now to tackle the lower part of the body.
I’ve unwrapped the armour and I’m going to draw in Expression, ornaments that appear on it.

Hello Everyone!
Sawfish is coming along nicely and here is his present state:

As you can guess I’ve adapted the “kaminoan style” for his lower body. :wink:

A few close -up:



That’s all for now I’ve started working on other elements of the scene (pillars, redesigning the throne,etc.). This should be finished Wednesday night.

Hello Everyone!

Sawfish is done now it’s time to focus on the rest of the scene.
The scene is going to be modeled independently because it’s going to be used in another project for an animation.
2 major ideas are competing right now for the backdrop. I’ll modelled both and see what works best.
Thanks everyone for comments and accompanying me during this WIP.

What are you still doing here? Blend On!

Just a lil physicis tip. The way the body is standing as is he/she would fall over forward due to the fact that his/her center of gravity is not directly above his base. Maybe angle him/her back some or angle his/her feet forward some.

Hello everyone!
[og]GrYpHoN: I know that :smiley:
Nevertheless have you ever try to rig a charachter oncee it’s in its final position? Hard isn’t it? :smiley:
Personnally I model all that need to modeled and then rig my characters. That way it allows me to develop all armatures at the same time and pose models or animate them to give them more personnality while keeping a closeness between them.
The final scene involves 3 characters of 3 very different morphology.
Anyway that’s the curious way I work, developping in parrallel all elements of the scene which can seem strange to some but works for me :wink: