Say Cheese - 3D Lettering

Another one of my 3D typography studies. I did this job to learn a little about Blender’s geometry nodes. The word “SAY” was made from goiabada, a guava jam that is widely consumed with cheese in Brazil.


Could you give us any insight into how you went about modeling the letters? I am very curious about using typography in blender. I come from a graphic design background and would like to implement more typography in my 3D work. But blender sucks at type compared to cinema 4d.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Hey man, sorry for the delay. But basically there are three ways to approach this:
1-keep the default mesh of the text tool with solidfy and don’t distort too much or create too big a bevel.
2-If you are not so concerned about performance use the remesh tool to give you more freedom in distortions.
3-Create the text mesh manually to have a good performance with freedom of creation.

Unfortunately I don’t know a magic solution for texts in blender.

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