Say "hello!" to Blender 2.57!!!

Say “hello!” to Blender 2.57!!!
The Epic Blender 2.57 first stable commit!

Author:   ton
Date:     2011-04-12 16:24:24 +0000 (Tue, 12 Apr 2011)
Log Message:
The Epic Blender 2.57 first stable commit! :)

Let's do a quick last check if things work, call for release will be done
shortly on bf-committers.

Thanks everyone for making it possible!

Thanks to you Ton and to every single developer involved in this great journey!

and congratulations to the author of the new splash image, very nice and funny! :slight_smile:

Wow its a furry reptilian metaloid.

Nice splash screen whoever you are.

And thank you to all the devs.

epicness, where can we download ? I’ve broken my python framework and can’t compile anymore :frowning:

Graphicall have it up now.

a chameleon again? :stuck_out_tongue: at least, it’s good looking.

Can’t wait.

oh cool ! Fliir (Immanuel Guenther) wins!

congrats to all Dev and thanks for your hard work

how do i get back my start file from 2.56 ?
is there one for 2.57 ?

did not see any new folder created in local roaming folder in vista ?

thanks for any help

Hello. :D:D:D

For Folks on 64bits OSX you can download my build here until it’s released or on
*managed to fix my python, although I need to revert svn, it says I changed some C files …

Official linux and freeBSD builds can be found here (build for other OS are likely to be added soon):

it’s there! it’s there!


Say Hello to my little friend !!! (2.57):

P.S: Sorry, I couldn’t resist hehehe.

Lets rock :wink:

we got rid of the last splash :slight_smile:

OMG its here!!! Thanks to all developers who made it posible, and thanks for the new splash (he can blend huh? :smiley: ).

Not yet officially released, but already in the uterus. I like the idea of the splash, great render, however the scales on his guy look blurry…
Im happy to see the word “beta” dissapeared :slight_smile:
Now i’d like to see some instant attention to Bmesh. Good times are comming.

Amen to that!

Thanks for all the hard work every-one, this kind of like GREAT!

Congratulations to Blender devs and community! :slight_smile: