Say hi to the bad guy

A Blender made Gremlin.
I took a chance, wasn’t sure if creating such a mischievous character would play havoc with my computer, but it’s still in one piece.

Just a random question, would a Gremlin use tools to smash up things, or would it have a bad reaction if it tried to touch any tools, like a vampire does if it tries to touch a cross?


I’m pretty sure they use things to smash other things. There are gremlins that carol, use guns, do chemistry, swing on thing, plus so much more. I think they can do anything really.

Thanks, that’s what I thought, just wasn’t sure if there was any old folk law to govern their behavior.
The thing that surprises me is the military haven’t decided to weaponize them yet. With a bit of training and the right armaments they would be unstoppable.

Also uncontrollable.

Yeah :laughing: If both sides had them it would be like the nuclear, Mutual Assured Destruction, option.

It would make a great movie though.