Say Hi to The Universe

A fun little project I did. Didn’t know where this one would end but I’m happy with the final result!

Rendered in Cycles, 128 samples with Denoiser.

It’s basically a sculpt with things like eyes and tongue added to it as separate meshes. Used vertex paint for the colors of his face. Is this something people usually do? I found it to be a little weird giving me a lot of polygons that didn’t receive color and thereby producing noise. I finally managed to blur it but I wonder if there is a better way to color sculpts…

Anyway enjoy!

This is really cute :slight_smile: The eyes and the hat could be a bit more realistic, but still great job!

Very nice model and lighting

Thanks guys! :smiley:

I love this one! Wonderful everything! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Reynante! Means a lot to hear it from you :smiley:

Great character modeling! Also I just noticed he has no nose. :stuck_out_tongue:

True, true! Kind of thought of a smiley when I created this one! :slight_smile:

Cool haha!
Is this the moment of the Big Bang? :slight_smile:

Very cute! I like it a lot :smiley:

Thanks, guys! :smiley: