Say "what" one more time, I dare you.

To protest “certain things”, I am attempting to gain a post average of 1.0 a day (from 0.19) today. The posts won’t be political or disruptive, and they will be on topic for the thread (I will not speak from atop a sopabox). You will be exposed to more of my insanity today, so be prepared for an explosion of … wargable.

when this baby hits 88 pokemanz an hour, you are going to see some serious $#!t.

It seems you really like pokemonz.

don’t do it man. I hit the 10k mark…and it’s all downhill then onwards. if only i was back to my first few thousands posts…

(a variant form of what)

Good one kbot, your situation is kind of like when Neil Armstrong came back from the moon!

nani ka? (what in japanese)

was??? (what in german)

(what in a language I made up :eyebrowlift:)

Yer wot? :stuck_out_tongue:

What y’all mean?

I failed, (need > 4000 pieces of toast), but it is fun to see everyone’s responses; and I do enjoy pokemon.