I always liked the Dragon Ball Z cartoons , so I made this model :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C are welcome :slight_smile:


gasp where are the bulging veins?!

Hi’s a relaxed dude : :smiley:

The energy and ripples around the body look great, I think the hair could be a bit taller unless this is Gohan in his older form. But at least a few more points on the hair. The blue sash could use some work. Overall though this is a great image. I’m a huge DBZ fan as well!

I actually have a project in the works for King Kai’s planet.

edit: hehe, one thing, when they go SS they get green eyes not blue :wink:

i personally dont like DBZ but some fights are pretty cool…(althought that happens rarely) anyway about your model: it’s good but i think it needs some more work! you should make more muscles and make the hair look better. also the halo insnt looking too good and the camera angle could be better…other than that it’s very good

the HAIR shoud be modeled the way it is in the show. other wise awsom pic


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Just had to say it

Thx for the C&C … I know the hair dosen’t look good … I used static particles … does anyone know a good tutorial on making hair with alfa maps (similar to the style LohnC uses) …pleaseeeeeeee
I tried some tutorial (were incomplete) … and the result was even worse :frowning:

hmmm…maybe try adding toon shade? and outlines

Hi , I’m back with an update … I tried to fix, as much as I could, the errors from my caracter … hope you like it

Keep on C&C :o


Much better, the hair has improved, as has the power-up energy around him, much sharper angles makes it look more the the anime. Only other thing would be to work on the muscle structure a bit, I like the hands a lot and the face is very toonish, which is nice. Oh, and it’s spelled Sayian, forgot the " i ". Good Work!! :smiley:

thats a real good improvement dude, I liked that a lot.

keep it up