Saying Good Bye to Yesterday

Hey guys, just dropping off my idea of the new BG competition. Everything is in the beginning stages right now and could use some input. Concept: Twin sons growing up and moving on to college.


First idea, you need to add something about college. Maybe some flyers, a college sweater, or a baseball cap with the college logo on it.

Second, boxes give a feel of a permanent move. When I went to college, I brought only 2 suitcases.

Third, I can’t tell if there are stairs on the right side of the picture. I think it would add some detail to it. Maybe slide the toys along the wall and more towards the camera. It would have a better line of sight on the stairs.

Fourth, maybe add the word “trash” to the box of toys. It would convey the idea that it’s something being discarded or even outgrown.

I definitely think putting some college memorabilia would look pretty good. I’m am a bit confused about the stair idea but I will think it over and see what I can do. Thank you for the feedback!

Oh, I thought I saw some stair railing. It seems it was the handle for the push toy. Not sure what the other thing next to the window is.

Honestly, the toys are a bit confusing. If these kids are off to college, then those toys were probably gone a long time ago -at least to the attic. It gives the impression a child is leaving, not a near adult. Perhaps suitcases, backpacks and boxes labeled with dorm room numbers would be a better hint.

Thanks for the comments guys! I agree that there needed to be some college stuff in the picture to make the scene make a bit more sense. Although I still like the idea of having younger toys: Parents sometimes hold on to the toys to hold on to the thought that there children will always be their babies but college should be the time when parents should finally get rid of the notion of their child’s “babyhood.” Here is the next render.

Pay very close attention to the following:

  • The eye is always drawn to the brightest part of the picture. Do you want this to be the door, or the xylophone?
  • The eye prefers to follow a semi-circular path through the scene, winding up where it started.
  • Watch out for visual perspective clues … that door looks two-dimensional.
  • Color balance is crucial… the scene looks blue.
  • Absolutely nothing of the box, beneath the top flaps… exists, because I cannot see it.
  • The lamp and the two pictures form a face that is sticking its tongue out at me. Do you want that?
  • Even very-slight variations are your best friend. Three walls right now are identical in color and tone; none should be.
  • Any part of the picture that’s dull and drab … such as the floor … or the front of the wheel of that toy car … is not pulling its weight, and in the finished composition everything must be.

Don’t panic. You’re just getting started. :slight_smile: “Work it, work it, work it!!” and you’ll wind up with a great Gallery piece here.

The blue walls make the scene look better.
Okay, have some more suggestions:
Maybe rough up the boxes some. You did a good job folding the tops of the boxss in the background, but smash a few corners or make some dents. This is especially necessary on the one in the foreground.
Also, the lamp looks like it’s made from concrete. Try using a gloss.

Is the floor artificial wood? If so, you could add groves in the dark regions on the edges of the plank. A bump map might be useful.

Looks really good so far.
Some suggestions: what sundialsvc4 said is really true and I completely agree with. Maybe some damp patches on the box. Or wattabout a foot half through the door as if it’s walking out the door, a person carrying a box? Really good so far!


Alright! So I have taken some comments to heart and changed so parts of the scene. I changed the placement of the lamp, a bit of the door, the color of one wall, the placement of a few toys, and added some new toys as well. Keep the critics coming guys, I really appreciate it!

It looks like you have only diffuse maps for your models, add spec and reflections on floor e.t.c. Also blue bear is too saturated, looks unnatural.

I have gone a long way towards finishing my entry. I have taken a lot of critics and am still open to more. Let me know what you guys think!
And which composition you like the best and why!
Thanks guys


I really like the colouring on the bottom image and the checkered bear looks great. There are couple of thing that stand out to me though. First, the back pack doesn’t quite fit. It’s too much like a claymation style object compared to the rest of the scene. It took me minute clue in to it being a backpack. If at all possible try to make it look more wrinkly and slumped, and perhaps even looking like a canvas? Second, I feel there is a little too much blur on the box of toys. They’re not much closer than the bear and I think could stand to be a tad sharper. I also just noticed the glow worm. I think you nailed it.

Awesome work mcdavid, I like the warmth of the bottom one, the light coming thru the window, catches just enough of the dust in the area.
Goodluck in the comp :slight_smile:

Wanted to say thanks for all the feedback guys. I really appreciate it and I hope my entry at least gets honorable mention this time! I will post my final render here whenever it finishes. Going on hour 15 now…

Looking forward to seeing it (^^,)

Alright, after 21 total hours of rendering I have the final render. I am going to submit it tonight and hoping for the best!

I like it, it has a very toy-story kinda feel to it. All the best for the competition!