Saying GoOd Bye with Childhood fuN :)

hey guys… this is my entry for saying good bye competition… my inspiration for this ,is my childhood… we use to wave at strangers on way to home or school … :stuck_out_tongue:

hope u like it…

high res ver




Funny and imaginative. Nice modelling. Very well done

this is incredible, for me is the best of all…

this is nice, very good characters in the scene.

very well done duks… keep it up yarrrrr

Beautiful peice, this is my favourite!

That is so cute! Are you a proffessional? Wasting such a talent would be a shame! Congratulations and 5* from me.

thank you so much everyone… :slight_smile: And @rozmiarek yesss i m a professional… :slight_smile:

Definitely, my guess. :smiley:
(what a relief, that i’m not in!) :wink:

wow! this really makes me feel like i’m just playing around with blender.

this is simply amazing.

How cute ! Love it ! 5* from me.

thank u everyone… i got 3rd :stuck_out_tongue:

Fabulous! One of my top 5 favorites in the contest. Great work (and I envy your skill)!

Dude, great image and composition. Only crit is the fume which looks too much like (cigarette) smoke.

Other than that, well done!

You should have won

this is the winning entry for me, great job

Beautiful modeling, the elderly woman is adorable:3 Excellent job.