saying good byeee " DRAGUU's ENTRY "

hope you guys like it … please comment

Great concept :slight_smile:
Have you started modelling already? It looks very complex

little update

Draguu - you never disappoint, man! What a cool entry already.

My one request is that you give our bandit’s feet some pegs to stand on. I know it is a cartoon but it distracts me.


Everything created from scratch in just 2 days? That’s pretty fast. Nice.

thnks rking il check tht nd ben it took almost week … Thnkx guys

fun pic, will be interested to see the final. Lots of character already.

Haha! Very nice image, reminds me a lot of Josh Kirby’s book covers for the Discworld novels

Draguu thast not your “Girr Rig” character body with a slight modification to the head and face is it;)?

yah derek its grrr but still modifing his hands … legs and adding some more cloth is left … so lot more stuff to doo…

hey guys long time no update … and here i come back… tell me which one is better … still wip

I really like the first render. Although I think the the head light could be a bit less bright. But I like the warm feeling of night in the first one. I have a question: How did you make the volumetric stuff around the bike?

thaknks man… and its still wip so i have painted that smoke and fire …that will b cg element in final one …

can anyone suggest something ???

Looks great already but I can see the hair going all over the place, perhaps you could make it polygon hair instead? More control and I think it would fit the cartoony style better.

I also think that the feet are kinda distracting, bare feet on a bike is never going to end well :stuck_out_tongue: also the bike currently has nothing supporting the feet, that combined with him not sitting on anything makes it look like he’s floating in the air.

The shading looks great but a bit too harsh reflections on the chrome parts of the bike makes it look weird.

I think you are already planning to add motion blur to the wheels but I am throwing that out anyway, currently it looks like the wheels are completely still.

I like the first one better btw, great job so far, please continue working on it :slight_smile:

I think the middle option is the best looking. The colors really separate the foreground from the background, something which is not so apparent in the last version. I think the contrast on the first image is too harsh for my personal tastes. All three versions are fantasticly done though. Another job well done sir.

Very nice, but in my opinion the money bag looks like a large wad of gum and not a bag. Perhaps sculpt the wrinkles where wrinkles would be and that would add weight to the picture instead of random bulges that I presume means is full of money.

great image, the 2 things that are not in the same spirit that the rest of the image are (for me) the front wheel metal, and the bag, for the first i’d suggest to make it like the rear one or more round-blurry and for the bag maybe make the bump noise bigger (not harder, bigger), and give it more texture i.e. potatoes bag style…
really funny concept


hey guys thanks for the comments …

@ninthjake … thanks man …yah as u said … ill solve the hair problem soon and yah you are right about bare feet … ill add shoe… many have suggested me that also…and yup i will add motion blur later for sure …

@jose … thanks dude… i appreciate … i have place one poll on facebook and asked many artist about these three images … all have choosen the 1st one … so for now i m going to make 1st one final but yah ill make 3 of them also … thanks anyway man …

@jonathan L …thanks man, have a look i have changed bag a bit … ill add few more detail in that … but now its looking bit better then earlier

@tmaes… thanks man … ill check front wheel metal and bag … have a look at this updated version …

shoes and few things are painted but ill add it by tomorrow … aawww only 2-3 days left … damn lots of stuff to do guys hehe … wish me luck

hope you like it