Saying Goodbye expression help

Hi, I need help with the expression of the guy saying goodbye to his wife. He should look happy and like he is looking forward to go to work.

give him a tongue.
can’t give you advice on the eyes until its rendered
his cheeks should deform like this

I agree with what Idh1109 said. Right now he is smiling with his mouth only, when his eyes should be ‘smiling’ as well. Try looking at your own face when you smile to see what changes happen in your face. Even try covering your mouth when you smile to see only the changes that happen to other parts of your face. Your lower eyelids should push up a little and cover some of your eyes and your cheek muscles should bunch up just below that.

So, here is a render for you, ldh1109! Took 3.5 hours on my poor laptop.
I think it could be difficult to deform the cheeks because you don’t see it too well, but I will try out your advice guys, and post another render.

haha, i love it, looks very funny, especially the baby xD

Ok, I messed around a bit with his eyes and this is what I’ve got:

I think it looks evil but my friend keeps telling me it looks happy, so what do you think?
However, when I render this, it looks like that:

I know his left eye points to the wrong direction, but due to the guys transparency you can not even recognise the expression and shape of his eyes. What can I do against this? A tongue would also look strange I think because you would also see it if his mouth was closed.