Saying Goodbye - p33p

Looking for some feedback on my entry for Blender Guru’s “Saying Goodbye” contest. I still have a lot of texture work to do and minor tweaks here and there. The cat in this image is a placeholder. I am hoping to replace him with a stylized cartoon cat in the next few weeks. Thank you for your time in providing any input. :slight_smile:

Nice. A bit too shiny/new looking for my taste. The creases between the floor tiles could use some bump. The towels do not look quite like made of cloth. In my experience, the carpets in bathrooms tend to be thick and cushy, but as I said great work.

Nice idea. I think you shouldn’t leave these 1/4 of a tile pieces on the floor to the left.

to get your floor tiles to fit properly hit U then smart UV unwrap :slight_smile:
other than that its a nice looking scene, reminds me of LDH1109’s scene alot though

Looks good as a WIP so far, I will only say to turn down the red a bit as it is too distracting for the eyes. As for the tiles I like them half-fit as it gives a realism … It’s very rare in real life to see tiles fit 100% on all 4 sides of the room so it makes it a bit more easy to the eye in my opinion anyway… Perfection in some cases is not what we aim for, but realism with all of its flaws!