Saying Goodbye

My plan is to make a scene were a kid is standing in front of the toilet saying one last goodbye to his goldfish.

Lighting is pretty much done. Using an hdr image. I will post a render soon.


  1. Finish modeling the hand
  2. Texture hands
  3. Figure out how to make a good skin shader in cycles
  4. Model and texture goldfish

I’ve never done any human modeling or texturing before so help would be greatly appreciated.

very nice start and a good story behind the idea as well. Looking forward to seeing more and a finished submission.

As for the human modeling/texturing, I have no experience with it. Here is a link to a 2.5 CGCookie tutorial that might help you:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Hope that helps in some way, and good luck!

@fpsgod170 thanks :slight_smile: those links were very helpful

cycles render

need to model more objects to make the scene a little more interesting

i love the idea, very original :slight_smile: i cant wait to see some more of the results for this comp xD
im also doing a scene, a very large scene lol, but im keeping much of it secret till the end (just so nobody nicks my idea and does it better hehe)

Btw, when i was reading it i was fully expecting it to say that the kid is saying goodbye to a huge turd because i saw the picture of the toilet first lol.


@eppo Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: I’ll fix the tile problem

The only part of the kid that will be visible to the camera will be the hands

Maybe you could show both hands and the fish bowl, and show the fish being dumped in. Or better yet show him reaching for the flusher handle(idk if there’s a technical term). It might make it a little more interesting than just having his hand right in front(or wherever you were going to put it.) Those are just some ideas i had after I brainstormed a little bit.

The cycles render looks good btw ;). Keep the updates coming!

It’ll look better if floor and walls will’be actual geometry, not texture. With specular maps and textures for grease and dirt. No toilet is perfectly clean :slight_smile:


I would like to participate in this competition, but if I would like to upload my image nothing happens. Can you help me how can I upload my image?

Thank you

You coud try adding a plastic Cover for the toilet or even a Sink next to the toilet.
Also the Scene looks a bit empty maybe some toilet paper or even one of those brushes used to clean toilets.

The Cycles render looks Great.

upload the pics to
then post the link

fixed tile problem
adding detail to the hand
working on a skin shader
will upload renders soon

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: I have done it. :smiley:


For me saying goodbye means that something new is going to start, however something has end. We are going to have a baby, so that is the reason why I choose this creation.

Thank you

@ Phoibos
Its a nice concept. One little suggestion: Add some more light :wink: It will look a lot better when you can actually see the eye and the reflection in the eye. Good Luck on your entry :slight_smile:

haven’t working on it too much due to upcoming tests and projects in school

I looked at other peoples skin shaders but for some reason, when I rendered it looked terrible so came up with my own skin shader.
Its ok right now. I need to texture the hand but I kinda f***ed myself because the topology is pretty bad.

Does anyone think the thumb is a little big? I might make it a little smaller

The thumb does look big and the palm is a bit square. I think you should also extend at least through the wrist, eventhough it may be cut off it will just give you more room for camera adjustments later.

Your best bet maybe to get a reference image into blender and either start over with what you have learned or try to adjust the hand you have. I am by no means saying its terrible as I have never attempted a hand my self, I just know that sometimes I have to use a refence image to get the proportions correct:)

My only question is, why is he putting the goldfish in the toilet at the bus depot? The tiled floor and walls are what you’d expect in a public restroom, not in a home.

@BentFX lol it does kinda look like a public restroom right now but I’m far from done

Thanks! I will try your suggestion! I’m happy if somebody has got some advice, suggestions. :slight_smile:


Hope to enter the 'saying goodbye contest. Just want to double check. Is it ok to upload the work in pregress image to this thread for advice & comments?

I created this thread to show my progress
You can create your own WIP thread if you want