Saying Goodbye

So you needed hand proportions get right? Easy! Take paper, pencil and keep mobile next. Draw ur hands contour on paper, take snap with phone, do some gimp on it… Have flatbed scanner available? Put your hand on, press button and have texture in minutes… Digital camera does the same. Say goodbye! This is my new conception. :slight_smile: Happy Valentine’s day for everyone!

@phoibos, nice idea :slight_smile: how did you get the glass cracked like that? tri’s or texture?

I havent been getting too much work done because of school but I’ve been thinking about maybe rendering the hands in BI instead of cycles because cycles can’t use normal maps yet and no SSS.

here are some quick renders (no textures)



First of all, what is BI?
But it’s looking really good. Maybe get a bit of grime in that toilet scene, it looks a bit too clean for a toilet. I’m entering the competition too, but I’m a real noob so I’m not really gonna win. If you wanna see my progress check my blog: and feedback in this forum would be super and maybe links to useful tutorials. I think it’s great how everyone is helping each other out and shows something about the Blender community and how epic we are! <-- lol slightly cheesy I know! Maybe you could have a bit of the toilet roll hanging down.

BI is blender internal render, its the stock one that comes with blender, Cycles is a newer ray tracer render engine, it creates much more realistic renders by making lighting and material behave like real world lights and materials unlike BI where you would have to spend a long time to get a great light setup and equally as long with the materials, but on the upside BI is super fast compared to cycles.

Nice :slight_smile: I also thought about making a space scene
Start your own WIP thread on this forum and you’ll get a ton of feedback

hand needs work. This is my first time modeling a hand too(its hard)
This tutorial helped me get started

hands are murber, i find feet to be just as difficult, its ashame you cant use make human for the hands eh :wink:

Anybody got any good tips on how to retopo?
I haven’t done any before so I watched a retopo tutorial on but I’m having problems.
I did what the tutorial said but vertices are snapping to random faces.

Hello. Thank you :slight_smile: I made it with tri’s. Like a mirror.

not much work done since last update
need to do more texturing and finish modeling the goldfish

opengl render

Its been a while since the last update lol

textures need work

The pinkie is to small.

One more update(no fish in this one) with a little DOF
damn my laptop is so slow to render cycles its not even funny

Hand was rendered in BI
Background in Cycles 70 passes

Try fixing the hand, it feels a bit unnatural to me.