SB Audigy 2

This is probably way off in this forum but…

Do any of you have a Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum (internal), working flawless on XP Pro?
If not on XP, on what OS?

why is this??

i heard good and bad about them.


I have an SBLive value card - the original kind.
It is my first and last SB card.


Having to download 100’s of megabytes of fluffware to get decent drivers really does suck. So I have to stick with the default winxp drivers…


i do have one and it does work flawlessly!!!

the only problem i have seen with these cards is that most motherboards need an updated flash bios… if you are experiencing problems i suggest you seach for an updated bios :slight_smile:


bad drivers, bad support, bad warentees.

i rate them with ati. personal experiance only, so don’t take my word for it.

try hercules has been around forever it seems, although recently purchased by a french company ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) they still are good products ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) , and i trust them over creative/ati anyday.

i have the game theater xp 6.1, and it sounds simply awesome!!!

but as with any top-of-the-line sound card, be sure to have some klipsch standing by :wink:

Thx all for replies!
I’ve got it working now. I did so many updates to my system (including BIOS update) it’s hard to narrow it down to a specific solution to write here.

Thx again.