SBC All in one package

I already have cingular for my cell phone and Dish Network for TV. I use Charter for my HSI and Home Phone (not IP Telephony). All together I am paying roughly $225 a month for everything after all the taxes and fees.

I was wondering if anyone else has the local/long distance/Cell/Dish/DSL package from SBC and if it would actually save me any money.

Dish - $63/month (top 150 package + HD package + Locals [we’re an old customer, we don’t get the locals for free like the new folks])

Cingular - $48/month (cheapest nationwide plan)

Cable Internet - $60/Month (3MB/s Residential)

Charter Phone service - $52/Month (unlimited local/long distance inside US)

If anyone else has the package and could pass along about what it costs for them and experiences with it, let me know. I am seriously thinking about switching to all SBC if it will save me a little bit of money and get everything on to one bill.