SBlended Life Boats

Hi Res

Thinks this makes a good picture as it is. Allmost sketched.

Crits welcome.


Come on man, you had some awesome textures in your WIP thread, why not show them off here?

i’m sorry, but it looks awful. :no:


(from WIP thread, some HSV adjustments in GIMP)

Im sorry, its early days yet with the fully textured versions.
The over saturation is from the refection map I think.
Picked one too orange.
More in the WIP forum on that.

The Sketch pic was layered in gimp. I you a radiosity solution over
a wire frame, using fog to fade it out towards the back?

I may give the lighting a tweeke, to get more counterchange between the two big hulls, and the FCB needs a Windscreen. I should then use nodes to combine it, but overall I like the quick sketchy look of it.


Did you model the hulls yourself or did you use an external app for that?

The two boats on the left, FCB2 and Tamar were origionly constructed in 2.49b. The Severn class on the right is totaly 2.5. Now all work will be done in 2.5, unless I need to run a script that does not work in 2.5. I construct the hulls my self.

I love the textured ones!

You’re right, looks enough interesting and nice with this wireframeish-sketchish look.
For the textured versions don’t forget to add imperfections to alignment, orientation, modeling and textures. Amazing modeling, good work!