Scaffolding System


Hello @Romaneus, Impressive modeling detail - was this for a product project?

Thanks for your feedback.
A few years ago I made these models for client. Then I put them on the long finger.
Not so long ago, I decided to return to this work and make a few modifications.
I’ve set myself a goal: make a adequate quality model with a middle count of polygons.
The result is presented here )).

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Well thought-out, practical system, very clearly & beautifully presented; could save many lives & injuries -compared to the wobbly planks & ladders that were what we had to climb & work on, back in the day. Do more.

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Brought me back several years, as I had to do something similar in the form of a ‘How to Build a…’ video set for training purposes.
You model is way more detailed that what I did. :wink:

Love the texturing/shading work, well done.

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