Blender (2.79 - 2.80)


ScalaZ- this addon can be useful to those who are engaged in “character” for 3D printing for example (well, not only)


The essence of addon work is that it can set a clearly defined height for the model along the Z axis. The entire model also increases in proportion to the X and Y axes

INSTALL: Just copy the file “” in the directory “…Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons”


Hi All!
“ScalaZ” has been updated and adapted to the blender 2.8


Hi all!
Update ScalaZ
Vresion 1.9.06


  • Calculate the percentage
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suggestion , it would be nice if can input units in new height ( cm , ft , inch , mm etc )

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Thanks for the feedback! I think it’s possible :wink:

Hi All!

:fireworks: Update ScalaZ (version 1.9.07) :fireworks:

If anyone has problems with displaying hieroglyphs, you can change the settings:

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Both files mailed out were gif files.

These are just pictures with new opportunities.
You need to download from Gumroad

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both are gif files
where can i download it

Strange, you should get this:

Anyway, here’s a backup! (just in case and will be gone in a week)

Enjoy! Thanks to AlexMcKonst :wink:

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I had no problems downloading

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thank you i refresh and clear cache its now working

Downloaded from Gumrod and though it lists the latest for 2.8, it shows version 0.0.2
and you get trackball errors
this is also true for 2.79 version

There was a problem with the file extension (fixed).
Try downloading again.

Downloaded again from gumrod

Same problem

U get track ball errors for both 2.79b and 2.8

Still get trackball errors for both 2.79b and 2.8.
FYI…I tried installing from the Install Selection in preference and direct drag and drop into the addon folder and both cause the same problem. Using windows 10 and latest stable builds.

Thanks for replying


latest errors as of today…

Thanks for the feedback.
Startup bug fixes

Hi @AlexMcKonst,

I assume this add-on doesn’t generate a new mesh based on a reduced volume of the input mesh? I would love that, because it’s the only effective way to make complex meshes hollow for 3D printing with a constant wall thickness everywhere.

That’s just gorgeous! Thanks for 2.79)
Can you add a short commented description to the code about how to use it?
For example
“# run SZ operator from spacebar searching menu”