Blender (2.79 - 2.80)


ScalaZ- this addon can be useful to those who are engaged in “character” for 3D printing for example (well, not only)


The essence of addon work is that it can set a clearly defined height for the model along the Z axis. The entire model also increases in proportion to the X and Y axes

INSTALL: Just copy the file “” in the directory “…Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons”


Hi All!
“ScalaZ” has been updated and adapted to the blender 2.8

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Hi all!
Update ScalaZ
Vresion 1.9.06


  • Calculate the percentage
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suggestion , it would be nice if can input units in new height ( cm , ft , inch , mm etc )

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Thanks for the feedback! I think it’s possible :wink:

Hi All!

:fireworks: Update ScalaZ (version 1.9.07) :fireworks:

If anyone has problems with displaying hieroglyphs, you can change the settings:

Both files mailed out were gif files.

These are just pictures with new opportunities.
You need to download from Gumroad

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both are gif files
where can i download it

Strange, you should get this:

Anyway, here’s a backup! (just in case and will be gone in a week)

Enjoy! Thanks to AlexMcKonst :wink:

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I had no problems downloading

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thank you i refresh and clear cache its now working