Scale 3D view & Grid for Printing?

I’m trying to scale my grid format so that 1x1 box = 1x1cm like in my 3D printing interface. So far I’ve had to guess (roughly a x7 scale) when exporting, but I’d like to fix that if possible, so a square in one program is the same scale as a square in the other.

I tried following the 3D printer toolbox instructions, but the Camera view and the Grid didn’t scale correctly. Either i have a kilometer area and zoom in tremendously, or i see 2 lines and have “vanishing screen” from zooming out.

If someone knows a fix, thanks in advance!

1 Blender unit = 1 m = 100 cm


a 0.01 BU cube = 1 cm cube

You can fix the vanishing screen by increasing the camera clipping range. I have mine at 1500 for viewing a 1000x1000 grid.