Scale - a basic question

I would like to model an object in inches, 72" x 24" x 18". I find that when I enter those dimensions, the object is huge - far larger than the grid - and that it is disappearing into the background when I rotate it (I think that is referred to as “clipping”).

Is there a way to adjust Blender so that when I enter 72", it creates a reasonable size object? Or is there a way to turn off that “clipping” so I can work with a huge object?

Changing to metric or imperial doesn’t seem to have any helpful effect. Fooling with scale doesn’t help. It is almost as if Blender can’t deal with dimensions greater than 10 or 20. My only solution, so far, is to enter 7.2 instead of 72, but that can be a bother and lead to mistakes.

Thanks for any clues.

this size is smaller then basic cube by default
so it should work fine !

show us pic with N panel data

upload sample file so we can look at it

happy bl

From factory settings
Delete default cube
Set units to imperial
Add cube
In properties panel type in dimensions of 72", 24" and 18" (type the " inches unit or ‘in’ or ‘inch’)

Object fits perfectly within the default grid with no clipping issues (supply a link to problem blend file)

Thanks gentlemen. Richard, what I didn’t understand (until now) is that I can type in the units! I can also, in metric, type in CM to replace the default M. Thanks again.