scale along length for complex object

Hello all

Pretty new to blender, have tried it in the past with some frustration however this time it is sticking…

Hopefully this is an easy to answer question.

The model is of a light house, I have so far found all I need to know on forums and online tutorials but this one has stumped me.

The simple lighthouse: 8 sides circle extruded and then the top vertices scaled to form the tapering shape, Easy.

However I want to add all the sections/segments/details of the lighthouse while it is an untapered object and then once that is done taper (scale) it so it keeps the detail and it is all properly tapered.

Is this possible?

I have looked at the scale on axis functions and they arent able to do what i would like.

Thanks for any help you can give.


I think you might find that harder than you think , as tapering the body will distort the sizes and shapes of the details. However, the easy way would be to put the whole thing inside a lattice, and shrink the top of the lattice. Advantage of that is that when you switch to edit the lighthouse, you will see a tube with details, but in object mode you will see a section of cone, so it is easy to switch back and forth.



You could try: hiding parts you dont want to affect with ALT-H and then use Proportional Edit (key “O”) by selecting only the ring you want smallest, set the proportion to “linear falloff” and then scale it down.
The circle of influence you can adjust with the mouse wheel while you are doing it too, very handy.
Don’t forget to press Alt-H again to make the hidden bit reappear.
Note this is in 2.49.