Scale along normals vs shrink/fatten

As of 2.79, i’m afraid you still have to use Shrink/Fatten to scale faces along the normals while staying on 2 axes. Take a cylinder for example (no caps) and select both edge rings and try to scale them with the Settings:

Transform Orientation: Normals
Pivot: Individual Origins

The result will be convex/concave and includes the Z-Axis instead of just X+Y. While Shrink/Fatten or Extrude Region (vertex normals) will do the job, you have to uncheck the Z-Axis manually in the scaling options. I’m afraid if there is a reason for it, a limitation or just a bug ignoring pivot + orientation? I often stumble across it since it’s breaking the usual tool workflow with just shortcuts a bit.

I attached a example. Thanks for your answers.

You’re doing it wrong
One doesn’t select edge rings when using it

Shrink/fatten already uses individual vertex normals, you don’t define that with pivot and transform orientation. The pivot should be the default median when you use it, and the tool has even thickness as an option.

I described it wrong as edge ring and it should be a face loop yes. But it won’t change the behavior. Also shrink/fatten was no issue but im looking for the difference of the scale tool. Instead of selecting the face loop, you can select both edge loops and set the pivot and transform orientation to act the same when scaling.

Scaling on the selected face loop is acting like the pivot is bounding box center or median, so you have to uncheck Z after your transformation.