Scale along surface (perpendicular to normal)


Apologies if this is really obvious, but I’ve searched for a while and still not found an answer.

I have a room in the shape shown below, with one wall at a non-90 degree angle.

I’m trying to scale the selected face along the wall.
I can scale but it stretches in all directions along the wall, but I’d like to restrict to scaling in only one direction in the face, similar to X/Y/Z restrictions.
If I restrict to X/Y/Z, then it scales incorrectly in that direction, because there’s an angle.

Any help would be great :slight_smile: Thanks!

Change the transform orientation from Global to Normal.
Select the face then scale along that normal axis with S X X or S Y Y or S Z Z to scale along the normal axis only

Oh that pop-up! I totally forgot that existed. Thank you so much!