Scale an object on an angle

I have recently finished modeling, texturing (I used toon shading for simplicity sake), uv mapping and rigging my minifig model.

I am now getting him ready to animate but I am having a couple of problems with the face.

Currently his eyes are cylinders that poke just out of his face. I am going to animate the eyes using RVKs and would like to scale them bigger and smaller.

When I try to scale the eyes it does not seem to matter which axis I lock or select the eye cylinder gets skewed. Is there a way to scale rotated objects uniformly in only two directions?

Also I an uncertain how to parent the eyes to the head. If I parent the eyes to the armature they get left behind when move the head off the body (the minifig is made of actual parts), if I parent the eyes to the head they get left behind when the armature moves the head. Is there any way I can get them to move with both the head and the aramture?

If anyone has a better way of doing this I am open to suggestions!


Parent the eye to a the armature but select parent to bone, then select the head bone.

It’s entirely possible that I’m understanding the question wrong but have you got the right orientation (i.e. local) for the scale widget. Usually when I get problems scaling it’s because I’ve left the widget on global instead of local or normals as appropiate. Either that or I’m scaling around the cursor when I want to be scaling around the bounding box or object centre.

AlexG: Thanks worked perfectly. now his eyes don’t float about by themselves anymore.

nabeshin24: What I am trying to do is select the cylinder for the eye, hit (S)cale and scale the eye wider and taller but not thicker/thinner (ie: the eye sits about 0.1 blender units outside of the head, I would like this to remain as the eye is made bigger and smaller.

I have tried hitting SHIFT-X,Y and Z to exclude the scaling on the various axes. Your post was helpful as by using the Global, Local Normal selector I can now display where the current local settings are pointing.

None of the three settings is aligned down the centre of the cylinder which I think is my problem.

Is it possible to either rotate the centre of the object or how do I make the axis in the object rotate with the object?

Add a new Object (any obj, a cube will do, or maybe you already have one that’s suitable) and translate it so that the axis is the same as you want for the cylinder. Select the cylinder first then Shft-Select the Axis Object (so that it is the Active object) and Ctrl-C >> Rotation. This will copy the axis of the Active object to any other objects selected.


Thanks Fligh %. At first I thought I couldn’t get it to work but then I tried rotating the cylinders in OBJECT mode rather than EDIT mode.

I didn’t realise there was a difference (now that I think about it it makes sense though).

Next step is re-texturing him I have changed my mind (again) and I am thinking I want him looking more like a real plastic minifig, I think I’ll need to play with some lighting and give him a floor first.