Scale and measurements with 3d printing

Ok, so the other day I asked about cutting parts in half and got a couple of very good responses so here’s hoping I get yet more good suggestions. Exporting a file and having it come up at the appropriate size seems like it might be a common issue, so here goes.

I managed to split an object (a tie fighter) in half in blender yesterday and went to the attributes panel where it shows the size of the object (a pair of tie-fighter ear-muff’s). I scaled it down to about 4" in diameter. I then saved the file and exported it as a .stl and loaded it up in Slic3r. When it was loaded up in slic3r, the view panel on the left showed an impossibly tiny object that wouldn’t fit on the tip of your pinky finger, let alone cover an ear. Loading back up the blender file, I double checked the size of the object, and it’s still correct. The size shows 11.6cm, the scale shows 0.093. The thickness of the walls is at 1mm. Unfortunately slic3r doesn’t seem to get the size of the object right. It should pretty much fill the build platform window and it doesn’t.

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong here as far as why the object appears so tiny in slic3r? Slic3r can adjust the part scale, but doesn’t seem to give you any point of reference for how big the part is. I was kind of relying on blender to have the part size correct prior to printing. Thanks for all the help so far guys. :smiley:

the scale shows 0.093.
Apply any scale before exporting with Ctrl+A


Ok, so the scale application worked great. It took a few trys but it appears that the scale that seems to work with what I’m aiming for is on the “scene” tab with metric measurements and with a “scene” scale set to 0.001 It appears that once again Richard you’re right. The problem I was having was due to not having known that I needed to apply the part rotation or the scale setting. Loading objects into Slic3r now shows up appropriately scaled and sized to the print bed. Thanks again man.

Seems that you also need to go into the settings in Repetier (if using splic3r from within
Repetier) and under preferences set the units of imported files as meters. I can’t find this setting, nor get import to work properly, in native splic3r 1.60