Scale Based on Height and Curve


I am making a pine tree (tree) geometry node generator, and have run into a problem. I have the trunk, based on a curve, and am trying to add branches to it. However, I want the branches to get smaller towards the top, and am perplexed as to how to do this using the height of the branch on the trunk. Along with this, i would like this to be controlled by a bezier curve, but this isnt important. It cant be done, to my knowledge, with the instance scale, but it may need to use the height of the points used in the instancing.

If the blend file is needed, i will send it on Monday.

Thanks for any advice, in advance.


You may look at this tutorial to see how he made it :

I think there is two options here :
use the curve information like the factor to drive the scale.
You need to use a attribute capture node for that, because once the curve is converted to mesh , curve data is lost unless you capture that attribute.

Another way, is to use the actual Z position of the points ( that latter gets converted to branches instances) to drive the scale.
That second approach isn’t the best , but can work in some cases.

Good luck !

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The points option was what i was thinking.