scale during animation

Hey I want to let the object grow during the animation but how can I do that. I just started with animations and I now know about camera paths but now this. Can someone tell me?


You can use keyframing to change the size of the object. With the object selected, press i key and you will have the option of creating a key frame for location, rotation, size(scale), etc. See the wiki article:

thanks. I tried it but theres another problem:

Can I make it a smooth line?

right click the line and hit tab to edit it.

Hmm, is it possible that you change the interpolation type of the curve?

If so, try this:
right-click the curve with the steps.
click on “curve”
Click on “Interpolation mode”
change to linear or bezier

For the quick usage you can do the same by pressing.
t and then 2

Thanks I found it :slight_smile: